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Glass repair

A star break in your windshield?

Avoid getting worse and have the window professionally repaired at your D'Ieteren Center dealer. Your windows are vitally important.

The windows of your car are an essential part of the protective cage construction. At first glance, a star break does not look that bad, but due to poor road coverage, a speed bump or a sudden rise in temperature during the thaw, suddenly a severe and irreparable crack can occur.
Ensure optimal visibility in all weather conditions, including at night.

That’s why it is very important for you to have damage to a car window repaired as quickly as possible or that you have the window replaced.

Contact us. We repair your window quickly and expertly at an economical price.


At D'Ieteren Car Centers we realize how much you value your time and money. That is why we offer you the pre-inspection.

The pre-inspection offers many advantages:

You are guaranteed to pass the inspection at once and you save yourself money, time and unpleasant surprises.
Our specialists check every point of the vehicle inspection with the latest technology.
If interventions are required, we will let you know in advance and we will send you a quote.
You can count on the quality of genuine parts and a 2-year warranty on every paid repair at D'Ieteren Car Centers. 

Replacement vehicles

Your vehicle is in maintenance or repair?

Opt for a replacement vehicle with advantageous conditions:

From €30 /day incl. VAT


Worn tires can be dangerous, they change the road holding of your vehicle, have less grip, a longer braking distance and increase the vibrations in the driver's compartment. It is important to regularly check the wear of your tires.

During every visit, your D'Ieteren Car Center dealer will check the condition of your tires.

Also remember to check your tire pressure, especially before you make a long journey. This way your vehicle will have an optimal grip on the road and you will save fuel.

Under 7 ° C, choose winter tires! 

Winter tires are recommended when the temperature drops below 7 ° C in rainy weather and when it is dry. For your comfort and safety, winter tires guarantee you: Optimum grip with the assistance of the driver assistance systems (ESP, ABS, anti-slip) on a damp, muddy or icy surface to guarantee a short braking distance. Reduces the chance of aquaplaning and reduces the chance of the car breaking out. The tires are better against the cold and thus have a longer life.

Above 7 ° C, choose summer tires! 

The mix of rubbers in your winter tires make them softer, giving them more grip and elasticity at cold temperatures. But when the temperature rises, the rubber also starts to wear out quickly. The tires get less grip and increase your fuel consumption. Moreover, a loss of grip also means a longer braking distance and therefore less safety!

Good to know: you do not know where to store your tires? Talk about it with D'Ieteren Car Centers. 


Do you attach importance to the repair of your vehicle? Trust us !

- All our repairs are guaranteed for 3 years.

- Bodies approved with all major insurance companies: third-party insured, replacement vehicle offered

- Limitation of vehicle downtime

- Original parts and guaranteed manufacturer warranty

- Security check after repair

- Cleaning repaired vehicles

- Smart and Spot Repair

Book an appointment with one of our expert at the date and time of your choice.



Maintenance & repair

Innovative service: Twin expert.

We offer you 4-handed maintenance formulas at the same price, with the same quality of service in only 1 hour!

Waiting areas VIP

During the repair of your vehicle, enjoy fully equipped VIP waiting areas.

-Free drinks